Hydronic (in-floor) heating with hot water storage tank in Nanaimo. When a home is heated hydronically, it is a really comfortable and efficient heating system. Quiet when in operation and there isn’t dusty air blown around the space. The piping within the floor heats the room from the bottom up. This saves having wasted heat. Having the heat radiate up from the floor means the home is consistently comfortable.

Stain-less steel flow balancing manifold. These manifolds help even heat distribution in a radiant panel hydronic (in-floor) heating system. Each loop is balanced within this system.

Booster pump in Parksville. This pump was plumbed into a rural home that was fed with municipal water supply. The home was at the far reaches of the supply and was only able produce 40PSI. With this pump installed the system now operates at a controlled 65PSI.

Radiant panel installation in Nanaimo. (Prior to pouring the concrete floor). Loops are piped in a reverse return design. This promotes even heating of the floor. Spacing of the loops is determined by calculating the heat loss of the building.

New manifolds for a hydronic heating system in Qualicum. Old manifolds were leaking, so we replaced them with new Heat-Link flow control manifolds. New zone valves were also wired. New copper was piped and insulated upon completion.

Water lines piped in the floor. Pex pipe inside of a corrugated sleeve. The sleeves are coloured for easy install.  Two inches of concrete is poured over top.

Major renovation in Nanaimo – Addition of a legal suite. After demo this is the first step. Concrete is cut and removed. Drainage is then piped to the new location of the fixtures. After the piping is inspected, the trenches are back filled and concrete is poured.

Waterline manifolds (domestic). These manifolds promote even pressure throughout the water supply system. These were installed during a renovation in a residential home. After installation there was a dramatic difference in pressure and volume to the fixures. Inlet water pressure was set at 65PSI. The capped lines are for a future reno in the home.