When starting a new construction plumbing installation we always look to configure the plumbing to ensure proper flow and accessibility for maintenance.

Drainage: Laying out the system correctly is crucial to avoid future service calls. Avoiding unnecessary changes of direction and over-sizing pipes that are prone to blockage (bath-tubs and laundry). We place cleanouts in easily accessible locations with the main cleanout (4”) at the end of the run when ever possible. To ensure quiet operation of the drainage, we offer an option of cast-iron vertical waste stacks. By using this material for the vertical portion of piping, it will dramatically reduce the noise levels of water and solids draining. This a great option for suites!

Water System: On a new build the main water shut-off and pressure reduction valve (PRV) is installed in an easily accessible location. We often find in older homes the main shut-off is buried in a closet or hard to reach location. It is always good to know where the main water shut-off is located in case of emergency. The rest of the water system is piped to ensure excellent flow to the fixtures. Hot water mains are installed to provide the shortest path to the fixtures. If the location of the hot water tank or on-demand unit is too far from a fixture recirculation options are available.

Custom Showers: We provide installation of all types and configurations of custom piped showers. From multiple body sprays, rain heads, hand showers and main valve layouts.

Dryer Venting, Bathroom Fans, Range Hood Venting and Fresh Air Intakes: We install venting for common venting situations. Venting for a clothes dryer is often done incorrectly. We can ensure this is done properly for maximum efficiency of the appliance.

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