When renovating, there are always a lot of tough questions. Proper layout? Does it meet plumbing code requirements? We are able to answer these questions. We can assist in laying out the plumbing fixtures to maintain proper clearances and function. We are able to adapt modern plumbing materials to tie into existing piping if existing plumbing is in good condition. From jack-hammering concrete basement slabs to a simple sink or faucet replacement and everything in-between we have the experience!

Renovation Gelcoat and Acrylic Tub and Shower Units: There are many options to upgrade or change from a tub to a shower in a bathroom renovation. Single piece, two piece and four piece units are all options depending on the situation.

Toilet Replacements: Removing older high volume (13L. per flush) and replacing with a new low-flow toilet (4.8L. per flush). Conserving water will lower utility bills and will qualify for the City of Nanaimo toilet rebate program. (When available.)

Water Main Upgrade: Running new pipe in from the meter at the street. Older homes often have undersized water mains. This will mean a low volume of water at the fixtures. Depending on the renovation it is usually a good idea to upgrade this pipe.

Dryer Venting, Bathroom Fans, Range Hood Venting and Fresh Air Intakes: We install venting for common venting situations. Venting for a clothes dryer is often done incorrectly. We can ensure this is done properly for maximum efficiency of the appliance.

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